Thomas Michael Kloepfer/畑しごと、動物とのふれあいの先生

月曜日 / 暮らしの日 畑しごと、動物とのふれあいの先生

Thomas Desu. I have lived in Japan for 8 years working as a farmer and teacher and am currenty a Hiroshima University phD student studying Development Policy and Environmental Economics.

I hope to share my passion for nature, environmental and outdoor education, and farming with the children and families who attend the school.

Having worked in the Japanese school system as an English for many years, I noticed the high degree of control and management that teachers feel they must have in order to make “good” students. This model may not be the most effective for embracing

Education and Children should be more dynamic and free-flowing to encourage increased communication, creativity, and adaptability to new ideas and environments. The way we educate in today’s society is still fairly new to humankind and based on old principles that may not be so valuable in the future.